A proactive and responsible choice

The company does everything possible to reduce the ecological footprint of its bottles by means of technical changes designed to optimize packaging.

PET technology is essential for Lassonde because plastic makes up 25 per cent of our containers (excluding packaging). It was implemented in several phases: Lassonde began by buying PET bottles; then in 2013, the company began procuring resin to manufacture its own bottles. Through major investments totaling $20 million, Lassonde was able to take control over its production chain, including preform moulds that determine the weight of the PET material.

The introduction of two new preform production lines made it possible to produce bottles, yielding countless already measurable environmental benefits. The project has resulted in a 16 per cent reduction in the weight of PET plastic bottles and stoppers: that’s 1.2 million kilos less that winds up in recycling bins every year.

There are many positive impacts above and beyond a substantial reduction of packaging weight: there’s no need to transport empty bottles to the plant and a certain amount of handling can be dispensed with at the plant itself. The use of this material has made it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transporting bottles (20 times greater than the GHGs produced by transporting resin).

In the last few years, our combined PET bottle manufacturing initiatives have resulted in a cumulative reduction of 2500 trucks on the roads.